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Shenanadoah TerraceA much sought after neighborhood, Shenandoah Terrace represents an ideal location for convenience and style in urban living. This is a community surrounded by lakes and Minnehaha Creek, part of the Ground Rounds. Designated as a National Scenic Byway in 1998, the Grand Rounds is the first national scenic byway totally located in an major urban area. It consists of 7 districts and offers over 50 miles of public space for our enjoyment. It is the urban dream to be able to walk to a neighborhood theater, restaurants, shops and businesses.

A place to shop, dine, eat and live! Independently owned and operated businesses reflect their own personality and make a neighborhood unique. This is clearly the case in Shenandoah Terrace. The business district that centers on 48th Street and Chicago Avenue is increasingly popular and includes Turtle Bread Company, Pepitos, the 1931 Parkway Theatre, that has been undergoing restoration and a new addition - the Town Hall Tap, just to name a few!

Shenandoah Terrace was developed by Thorpe Bros., in the 1920s-1930s, the same developers behind Edina’s Country Club District. Their homes were designed with unified covenants for housing style and size, resulting in a cohesive look and feel, among the Tudors, Colonials and other homes.

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