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Kingfield neighborhood MinneapolisThe Kingfield neighborhood is located in Southwest Minneapolis, between Stevens and Lyndale Avenues, with 36th and 46th Streets as the north and south boundaries. Kingfield is a highly desirable neighborhood, with three-fourths of its homes, built before 1920. Independent businesses continue to grow and flourish in the community and offer a variety of services for Kingfield residents. And, Kingfield has its own Farmers Market!

A much sought after neighborhood, Kingfield represents an ideal location for convenience and style in urban living. You can walk to neighborhood businesses and are also very close to Uptown! Lake Harriet is close by and connects to the Grand Rounds. Designated as a National Scenic Byway in 1998, the Grand Rounds is the first national scenic byway totally located in a major urban area. It consists of 7 districts and offers over 50 miles of public space for our enjoyment.

Different people. Different needs. Different wants. It’s what real estate is all about. I hold this to be true and it’s one of the things I love about selling real estate in South Minneapolis, because of the diverse opportunities it offers. For example, you can live affordably by a little lake (Lake Hiawatha) or head further west to bigger lake, with a higher price tag to Lake Harriet.

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